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As most of you know Pool Ranch was sued by River Bend Ranch (Ed Cox, Jr. – Owner), who is out neighbor on our southern fence line and also another neighbor down the road to the northwest, Bob Williams. Ed Cox, Jr. filed a lawsuit claiming that his approximate 2,000 acres was valued by and independent appraiser at $6,000 per acre to be worth $12 million ($12,000,000 dollars). But because Pool Ranch host ATV rides, that Pool Ranch is devaluing his property to only be worth $11 million ($11,000,000 dollars). Mr. Cox claims that we lost him a sell of his property to $12 million ($12,000,000 dollars).

If you check the Henderson County Appraisal District, they have Pool Ranch and River Bend Ranch appraised between $2,500 and $3,000 per acre. River Bend Ranch has tall fences to confine his deer in a large fenced area. He has some acreage with grass plots for his deer. Other than that, River Bend Ranch looks about the same as Pool Ranch.

The following article appears in the March 6, 2001 issue of Time magazine about Ed Cox, Jr. (excerpt):

“Bush pardoned Cox’s son Edwin L. Cox Jr. The scion of one of Texas’ richest families, Cox Jr. had pleaded guilty in 1988 to bank fraud by falsifying collateral on $78 million in loans. He quit as director of a Dallas bank, spent six months in prison and paid $250m000 in fines. (Those who have served their time often seek pardons because felony convictions prevent them from obtaining professional licenses and voting)."

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The following appeared in “D” magazine:

“Federal authorities slapped a $120,000 fine on an East Texas ranch owned by the family trust ofEdwin L. Cox Sr., after whom SMU’s business school is named. The fine was imposed becauseEdwin L. Cox Jr., a former chairman of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission, had used bait to lure ducks to the ranch.”

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I understand that Lawyer Carter Tarrance, before he became a judge, that he had represented Ed Cox, Jr. in his lawsuit for bank fraud.

I voted for Carter Tarrance last time, but this time?

I like freedom of speech and if you are able to vote, be sure to make your vote count and vote Judge Carter Tarrance out of office. A lot of people said they would go door to door to say not to vote for Judge Tarrance. Keep watching this website for more information. Is it better to have a friend with a lot of money or a lot of friends with a little money? Also, I was told that you can tell a man by his deeds.

We would like to have a benefit ride for several people, but Ed Cox, Jr. and an Athens lawyer, Martin Bennett, who would consider their concerns more important than the needy. Judge Carter Tarrance would probably agree with them. We had also thought of having a benefit ride for the Haiti earthquake victims, but the same would happen as above.

We are appealing our first lawsuit, probably within the next 2 months (may 2010) our paper will be filed in the 12th Court of Appeals.

12th Court of Appeals:

3 Justices will preside over our appeal:

If you are friends or know any of these men, maybe you can communicate your concern. I do not say that you can write the Appeals Court. If you write, will it help? I don’t know.

We had a free ride in September 2009. Lawyer Martin Bennett and Ed Cox Jr. filed suit on Pool Ranch again. They said that we violated the injunction. Judge Carter Tarrance agreed and sentenced the owners of Pool Ranch to 10 days in jail, but we were put on probation. If Pool Ranch has a free ride again, we will go to jail.

Check out the twelfth Court of Appeals on the web. It lists the counties that they represent. If you live in these counties I believe you can vote these Justices out if they agree with Judge Carter Tarrance.

The counties are:

Anderson, Angelina, Cherokee, Gregg, Henderson, Houston, Nacogdoches, Rains, Rusk, Saint Augustine, Shelby, Smith, Trinity, Upshur, Van Zandt, and Wood.

Twelfth Court of Appeals
1517 W. Front St.
Suite #254
Tyler, TX 75702
Twelfth Court of Appeals website

I hope you are a registered voter, will if help if you write the Twelfth Court of Appeals? I can’t say. Be your own judge!